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Willy is devastated and is unable to understand how his employer could just cast him aside after so many years of faithful service. In Act 1, Willy states his work ethic clearly when he says that a man who makes his appearance in the business world is the man who gets ahead. The new owner sees Willy as having outlived his usefulness to the company.

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Willy is terminated and soon discovers that he is unable to find other similar employment. Despite his protests otherwise, Willy knows he is a failure. He begins to slowly kill himself by inhaling gas fumes from a hose in the garage, an act that relieves his mental anguish and gives him a brief high.

Study lib. Upload document Create flashcards. Documents Last activity. Flashcards Last activity. Add to Add to collection s Add to saved. Why might they do this and what might be the potential consequences? Also, how might a person react if they discover their life has been a lie? Might they make positive changes in their life based on this realization? In effect, he is living the dream that Willy cannot.

What effect does pity have on the same? Is it easy to reconcile these two feelings? How might a person in this position act? Reading Assignment Sheet. Writing Evaluation Form. One Week Quiz A. Two Week Quiz A. Four Week Quiz A. Four Week Quiz B. Eight Week Quiz A. Eight Week Quiz B. Eight Week Quiz C. Eight Week Quiz D. Eight Week Quiz E. Eight Week Quiz F. Eight Week Quiz G.

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More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Death of a Salesman.Sign Up Sign In. Home Essays Death of a Salesman What Does the Audience Have Any Answers? Continue Reading Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Read More. Essay on Death of a Salesman Essay about Death of a Salesman Death of a Salesman Essay Essay about Death Of A Salesman He realizes that he is the reason for all of Biff's failures which is the reason for his destruction You have to find you're diamonds Willy commits suicide Because Willy is a salesman Willy should have had different goals Death Of A Salesman Questions.

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Still have questions? Plays resources: at the norton introduction - act 1. Look through your university of a salesman essay on the way society essay. A salesman is an essay on broadway with essay.

Enhance reading comprehension with a with a guide that provides questions, exercises, and assignments that guide students' reading and understanding of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman.

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Teaching Strategies:. Curriculum Planning Literature 1, Compare and contrast Willy's conflicting images of Biff. Why does he defend him and criticize him? Write an essay analyzing Biff's tendency to steal. What compels him to steal? Writing Evaluation Form. One Week Quiz A. Two Week Quiz A.

Four Week Quiz A. Four Week Quiz B. Eight Week Quiz A. Eight Week Quiz B. Unanswered Questions. Death of a Salesman. Top Answer. Wiki User October 11, PM. Death of a Salesman is a tragedy, comedy, and drama. Death of a Salesman shows the suffering of an ordinary man instead of a powerful and famous man.




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